coverErsatzmusika «Voice Letter»

produced & released by Asphalt Tango Records (2007)


“These 6 Berlin-based musicians spent a large proportion of their lives in the USSR – that mythical and legendary place beyond the iron stage curtain where Gypsies sing of woollen boots, worshippers of Mammon decry broken hearts and glasses sing paeans to lost love. And where, what’s more, the troubadour is an outlaw. Several band members have already caused a sensation in the Moscow underground scene. They immigrated to Berlin at the beginning of the nineties and have been enriching the Russian diaspora with various musical projects ever since. The multifaceted artist Irina Doubrovskaja founded ErsatzMusika in 2006, also writing the songs and lyrics for their debut album. Despite the remove from dub, urban folk, world, minimalism and balladeering at which ErsatzMusika stays, the group’s music proves strangely familiar to audiences of these musical strains. Yet their music is not an eclectic lucky dip, but rather a collection of acoustic letters in a strange vernacular, a human-made-for-human ersatz for the sounds of information-age intercourse. It goes out with love…”


 Ersatzmusika – Upon the Earth (Official video) 


coverErsatzmusika «Songs Unrecantable»

produced & released by Asphalt Tango Records (2009)


“Eager to outwit history, Ersatzmusika have inaugurated the Old Wave and now resurrect melodies from the late Soviet to the end of the Wende. Since history decrees inevitability and progress infinitely, Ersatzmusika recall old riffs, recast old texts and diverge only from what was said by saying it more forcefully.”




Ersatzmusika – Roothless cosmopolitan (Official video) by dimaze



Ersatzmusika «Navyblue Nonesuch»  EM_NN_cover_S

produced & released by Ersatzmusika (2014)


“Ten tracks abide by the apocryphal gospel of joyful Saint Thomas, “be strangers”; it ignores genre and geography, plays with melody, words and memory, seeds from them musical-lyrical bastards. These are psalms set to marches, comic-strip ballad, shamanite lullabies and blues cannibalised by gypsies. The tracks feature many a travelling companion, fellows in society – and its absentees. They, songs as ensemble, tell of our Earth and its life, of love and so on, in unabashed sincerity, perhaps because a companion is soon again none.”


Ersatzmusika «Vedmediya»  EM_NN_cover_S

produced & released by Ersatzmusika (2018)


The melodies and texts numbered 1-7 were inspired by swift encounters on the roads of Russia. The first song was written long before the Civil War in the Ukraine, and the word “Maidan” here means a piece of cloth placed on a bunk for playing cards or a suitcase..



Ersatzmusika – Polzarstva (Official video) by dimaze


Ersatzmusika – Lezginka “Мелко нарезан лучок” by dimaze